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Ivve Hallberg: Sweden’s Original Modern “Pin” Striper!

I had heard tales of this Old School Swedish pinstriper off and off since moving to Sweden, but not till recently haven’t had a chance to properly meet him.

Luckily a ‘striping friend of mine Freddy Boy just recently started working for Ivve and his apprentice Martin “the shark” Domeij. So I was able to weasel my way on to a recent job site of theirs, painting the Harley Mansion! I spent most of the time gawking at the crazy big house but did manage to ‘stripe a few cupboards.

Take a look at album below, to chck out an epic ‘stripe job!!

It was so cool to join in the job, to meet Ivve and see him in action, he stripes with a steady hand with an ease that shows the years of experience in itself. It’s no wonder since Ivve’s started painting pinstripes in the mid sixties. He got the idea of building hot rods and doing custom painting during several formative teenage years that he spent in California, crusin’ diners and drive-in’s back in the mid 50’s !

And if you look at pictures of his red ’32 ford sport coup’e, you can see the clean white striping echos the clean lines and style of the early California stripers. That was Ivves first street rod built in 1965 and by the high caliber of the work launched him into his pro striping and custom painting career.

For more regarding Ivve,Martin and Freddy’s work check thier website http://www.ivvescustomlack.se/

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