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Gold Leaf Neatsfoot Oil ? 500 Ml

Gold Leaf Neatsfoot Oil ? 500 MlGold Leaf Neatsfoot Oil ? 500 Ml

This is a non-dying Natural Oil.

Treating natural hair brushes with this product will maintain the natural elements of the tuft after being stripped away from the use of lettering enamels, other solvent, or water based paints


1.This oil can also be usefull in cleaning brushes as dipping brushes into the oil will draw paint out from deep in the heel of the brush.

2.Brushes can also be submerged in oil between uses.
Although I recommend cleaning out most the paint from doing so, this method will allow you to avoid excessive thorough cleaning for brushes that are used daily.

3.To treat brushes and properly store your brushes, clean all the paint and oil out of your brushes lightly work the oil into the brush.
Lay each brush on a clean flat surface with the tuft shaped to the correct form.

4. ALWAYS be sure to clean all the oil from your brush with 1 shot brush cleaner or paint thinner before using it again.
If brush oil is mixed into your paint it will never dry .


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