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Akki Sushi Daikoku Christmas-New Year Sign


I have been doing holiday signs for Akki Sushi (best sushi in town) over the years and and here is a little about the latest. The text is from Akki and I found this Daikoku character who looked a bit like Santa Clause, and it turns out he kind of is like a Japanese Santa except for the New Year, I think he is pretty cool.

The character Daikoku comes from Japanese folklore, and is one of the Seven Lucky Gods, Shichi Fukujin. He is represents Wealth and Prosperity . As I understand it the story is that on New Years eve they all arrive in Japan on their treasure ship and give out presents to those who deserve them, and now kids often gets envelopes filled with money around the New Year..

akki_sushi_daikoku_banner5 akki_sushi_daikoku_banner3 akki_sushi_daikoku_banner4

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